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Youth's ministry

"United Together in Advancing The Kingdom of God"

Purpose and Mission

The Mission Statement of Mount Calvary is to guide our youth to answer the call of leadership, discipleship, evangelism, and to connect to the Christian community through involvement in the life of the Church and the greater Columbus community.

The Purpose of Mount Calvary Youth Ministry is to:

• Support young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. To provide them with comfort and encouragement.

  • Protect our young people by keeping them safe from harm and injury.

  • Invest in our young people by devoting our time, effort, and energy to our youth.

  • Nurture the Personal and spiritual growth of each young person

In collaboration with the Church Community (including families, schools, colleges, universities, local merchants, local law enforcement, and hospitals), the Goals of Mount Calvary Youth Ministry are to:

  • Draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Christian faith community.

  • Form young disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Invite a deeper understanding of the presence of Jesus Christ in the community.

  • Prepare active participating in the life and the mission of the Church through treasures, talents, and sharing of their time.

  • Promote a missionary spirit that will be a Christian presence in today’s society.

  • Provide space, time, and a caring environment, and caring professionals to answer complex issues associated with living a Christian life in the 21st Century.

  • Teach the importance of prayer and how to pray with Jesus Christ.





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