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Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker

Medieval 2: The Secrets of the Teutonic and Britannia Campaigns

Gameplay is divided between a turn-based strategic campaign and real-time tactical battles. The campaign is set between the years 1080 and 1530. Players assume control of a medieval state, referred to in the game as a faction, and control its government, economy, military, diplomacy, and religion on a map spanning most of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. In battles, players control groups of soldiers and engage in combat with enemy forces.

Medieval music notation is extraordinarily rich and complex, and Medieval v.1, originally issued in 1999 to great acclaim, was the first solution available to copyists, students, specialists - and simply to early music lovers - for setting medieval music on computers in a professional fashion.

medieval 2

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Medieval 2 offers the ability to easily produce professional transcriptions of early music, from Gregorian square notation to late medieval mixed notations, with a beautiful rendering and an astonishing attention to details. And of course, Medieval 2 takes advantage of Finale's power for layout, graphic precision, and printing.

I am playing Rome 2 and i am loving it! I love all the unique factions and the smooth battles, but i want a bit more diversitiy in the factions. I have heard that medieval 2 has all kinds of factions from all around the world so i want to give it a try, but i dont know if Medieval 2 would be as fun as Rome 2. Any opinions on the pros of Medieval 2?

As such, the player controls one of many kingdoms in medieval Europe, starting in the late 11th century (shortly before the First Crusade). The goal is to prevail over ones neighbors and carve out an empire to rival Rome. In addition to the lands covered in the first Medieval, this game allows the player to discover America and face the mighty Aztec Empire while expanding his kingdom to the New World.


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